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List of clans that are pretty raged.

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List of clans that are pretty raged.

Post  Big C on Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:09 am

So LK has seem to start to amass a list of clans that are raging pretty hard at us. Im gonna list the clans + a mortal kombat character with the clan.
Haters gonna Hate:

Number of Current haters: 2 Clans

Simply because there leader is the human version of SOPA. He's restricting his members from visiting our site. Isn't that against OLYs clan members rights? is.
Thus, OLY gets a Rage level of 10/10 +1 Baraka.
Baraka is a vicious looking character on the outside, but he actually is terrible in MK. Thus it fits OLY.

Not much rage on there side, more like an annoyance to us. We can tolerate them in small doses. Nothing really has gone down except there members hate me, but what evs.
Thus, GAR gets a Rage level of 3/10 +1 Ermac.
Ermac is a very powerful character, a force to be reckoned with, but also very annoying to fight. It fits GAR perfectly.

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