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WELCOME ONE AND ALL! LK is back once more, for some of the most Loot-tastic asskickery your soul will ever experience! I will be getting the old gang back as well as getting the new members here. Here is what you can expect to see in the coming weeks as the clan comes back:
Weekly Loot lottery- One member each week will be randomly selected to recieve that weeks "Loot Item". The first few weeks may be slow because rare loot will not be found quite commonly. 
Clan Tournaments-PVP Epicness, bring your best and say your prayers. We are going to shoot each other. 
Friday Night Raids-Just as it says, almost every Friday we will hit up online to take down all the bosses Pandora has to offer. Hell, why wouldn't you take free loot?
Auction House/User Stores-Got an item or 10 you wish to sell? Maybe someone is eyeing that DAHL Loyalty character skin you have, contact me if you wish to put up your own store!

More will be coming in the next few days as we start to get going!

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